The Ratón Pérez teaches Dental Anthropology at CENIEH

Wednesday 13 June 2012
This morning the Ratón Pérez gave the last lesson of this school year on Dental Anthropology at the National Centre for Research on Human Evolution, in a workshop that since last November has brought together more than 750 children from 15 schools in the capital of Burgos to learn about the teeth of modern humans and fossil hominids, as well as basic notions of oral health.

This educational workshop, named Ratón Pérez Antecessor in honour of Mimomys savini, a rodent found in the TD6 level of the Gran Dolina site in the Sierra de Atapuerca, consists of a fun and practical explanation of basic dental anatomy, the differences and similarities between fossil teeth and modern teeth, and given the age of the participants, the difference between temporary and permanent dentition, and finally, the importance of dental hygiene is emphasised.

Framed within the initiative "The city also teaches" of the Municipal Institute of Culture of the Burgos City Council, this workshop has had the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), as well as Sonrisalud Dental Clinics.